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Why You Should Get Your Whey Protein Supplements From A Reputable Company

As we’ve mentioned before, we know that there are other protein supplements out there. In fact, we often buy them so that we can compare our quality and taste to our competition. Just like many of the athletes who use our product, we won’t stop until we’re the best, and to do so we have to know what we’re up against.

Yes, you can buy the cheapest whey protein out there, but you have to be careful about what you get. When we take a look at our competitors' products, we often find stuff in there that you don’t want in your body. How do those problem components get in there? Well, even the best protein powders aren’t vetted by the FDA. Because they’re considered supplements, they aren’t regulated as foods are. This allows less scrupulous protein manufacturers to fill their protein powders with stuff you just don’t want.

Heavy Metals

A report by Consumer Reports showed that some of the protein powders they tested had unusually high levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. The lack of testing by the FDA allows them to get away with allowing more of the heavy metals to get into their product and into your body, where they can build up and cause health problems. Paying for a quality product can help avoid some of these highly-harmful and low-quality ingredients.

Narcotics, Hormones, and Steroids

What’s one way that a less-than-reputable protein powder manufacturer could get an unfair advantage over other companies? Stick some narcotics, hormones, and steroids in their product. This might give them a slight advantage, but it’s also illegal and will get an athlete unfortunate enough to drink their protein shakes kicked off a team or have their title taken away.

We’re quite proud of our NSF® Certified For Sport badge, an independent lab that proves these contaminants (because that’s what they are) don’t get near our product.

In the end, we recommend that you buy from a company that will put its good name behind the products. That’s OhYeah! Check out our NSF Certified for Sport protein powders here.


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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