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Why Gluten-Free Diets Are Not A Hoax

Diet fads come and go, and every decade includes a new diet. The range of fad diets include the horrifying cabbage diet, the grapefruit diet, and the Atkins Diet of the early 2000s. In recent years, more people have chosen to eliminates gluten from their diets for health reasons. Because gluten is an ingredient found in a large number of processed foods, going gluten-free can be a huge adjustment. Luckily, the increased popularity of gluten-free lifestyles result in a larger selection of gluten-free foods. However, the gluten-free movement has suffered pretty severe backlash from the media. Even Doctor Oz has dismissed gluten-free diets as a hoax, and we all have a friend or family member that jumps on the latest diet bandwagon. We believe in the health benefits of gluten-free diets, and all of our OhYeah! Products are gluten-free. Here are the reasons that gluten free-diets are not just a nonsense diet fad:

Studies Prove Gluten Sensitivities Actually Exist

According to studies performed by the Columbia University Medical Center, non-celiac wheat sensitivities(NCWS) exist. Symptoms of NCWS is leaky gut syndrome include gas, bloating, cramps, aches, and pains. The patients with NCWS also experienced a chronic inflammatory response known as systemic immune activation. Basically, microbes such as bacteria were leaking from the gut interior into the bloodstream. Additionally, people with NCWS experienced epithelial cell damage, which is the same type of damage that people with celiac disease experienced when they consumed gluten. This study also determined that the cell damage and inflammation in patients with NCWS were greatly reduced by eliminating gluten from their diet after 6 months.

Other Medical Conditions Believed To Be Made Up

Gluten sensitivities are not the only medical conditions dismissed by the medical establishment. Over history, doctors have written off an array of different health conditions. In the past, doctors have also dismissed multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, ulcers, ulcerative colitis and post-traumatic stress disorder as made up diseases. Sometimes it takes years before doctors come around to recognizing certain medical conditions.

If you think that you might have NCWS, there are some tests available to help determine your diagnosis. A Cyrex Array 3 panel tests your reactivity and autoimmune responses to gluten. For this type of test, you will need to see your healthcare practitioner. Otherwise, you could just eliminate gluten from your diet for two months to see how you feel without gluten in your system.

All of our health products at OhYeah! are gluten-free. Shop our low sugar protein bars and low carb protein powders today for your nutritional needs.

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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