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Who Should Not Use Protein Supplements?

For months now we’ve been telling you about how we have the best protein supplements. We have excellent-tasting protein bars, yummy protein shakes, and the best protein powder available. So if you’re looking for protein powder, you should use ours, right? Yes!

But there are some instances in which you shouldn’t be using protein supplements. While it might seem unorthodox, let’s take a look at who shouldn’t be buying today.


If you’re a strict vegan, it’s fairly obvious that you won’t be choosing our low-carb protein powder. Our protein comes from whey, and that comes from milk. We can’t suggest soy protein either, so it’s probably best if you simply get your protein from food sources such as beans.

Pregnant Women

We’re not saying that pregnant women shouldn’t eat protein; they most certainly should! Pregnant women also need exercise, so they’ll need more protein. What we are saying is that a woman should talk to her doctor before starting any supplements, and that includes protein shakes and powders. If you are pregnant, feel free to take our supplements to your doctor and let them take a look at the label and make recommendations.

If You’re Not Using It

Protein needs somewhere to go. If your plan is to sit at your desk all day, sit in the car during your commute, sit down for supper, and sit on the couch all night, you shouldn't be pounding the protein powder. Protein supplements are there to supplement the protein needs that people have when they’re working out. If you’re not exercising, the protein in your diet is usually enough to keep you going.

It’s not often that a company writes a blog about “why not to buy our product,” but we’re interested in your health whether you're a customer or not. If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, grab your protein supplements right here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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