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Which Athletes Are Using Protein Supplements, and Why?

We have to admit something...the title of this article is pretty silly. Why? Because a list of athletes who use protein supplements would include just about every athlete, professional and otherwise, on the planet!

So, with so many athletes using protein powders, power bars, and pre-mixed shapes, you have to start asking yourself: why? Why are protein powders and other supplements so popular?

They Work

The fact is, working out and not having enough protein in your body isn’t doing you nearly as much good as having a ready supply waiting for your muscles. Protein powders, bars, and shakes are so popular among athletes for the simplest of reasons...they work!

They’re Easy

You’ve got to admit, grabbing a low-carb protein powder shake is a pretty easy way to get your protein. Oh, and opening up an OhYeah! Victory Bar is a lot easier than grilling up a chicken breast at the gym!

It’s a Cheap Source of Protein

While at first you might balk at the cost of a drum of our protein powder, it’s important to compare it to the cost of other sources of protein per serving. Is it cheaper than chicken? Yes. Beef? Most certainly, and it’s more heart-healthy. Beans? Maybe not...but do you really want to be drinking a can of black beans in the car on the way home from your next workout?

Protein supplements like those you’ll get at OhYeah! are a quick and easy source of protein that will help you get the most from your workout. Grab some today!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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