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Where To Store Protein Powder, Protein Shakes, and Low Carb Protein Bars

When you order from OhYeah!, you’re buying direct and buying in bulk. In fact, some people are going through our protein powder, shakes, and bars so quickly that they really buy in bulk, stocking up for a couple months at a time. After all, when you find something that works, you always want it close at hand.

So, if you’re stocking up, what’s the best way to store OhYeah! protein? Follow these simple rules to get the most out the products you order from us.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is relatively stable, mostly because it is a powder with almost zero moisture. Store it in a cool, dark area. Don’t store it near the stovetop or a sunny window, and don’t transfer it to a clear container. If you have room, storing it in the refrigerator isn’t a bad idea. Keeping it cool will help it retain its reputation as the best tasting protein powder.

Protein Shakes

When we talk about protein shakes, we’re not talking about the kind that you make from our protein powder. In this case we mean our nutritional shakes you’ll find right here, available in five great flavors. These nutrition shakes should also be stored in a cool, dark place. Keeping them in the fridge not only makes them last longer, but also keep them cool so that they taste even better. After you open one, put it into a refrigerator; they might be lactose-free, but they still contain milk. However, they taste so good that there’s a good chance you’ll just finish it off instead.

Protein Bars

Store in a cool, dark place. Our protein bars have quite a long shelf life, considering each one is sealed until it’s time to eat. Keeping them warm might cause them to lose their flavor faster, though.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money and always have the protein you need ready. Check out all of our great options.



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Alex Bennett


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What’s the Shelf Life for the PROTEIN BARS?


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