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What You’ll Need In a Pre- and Post-Workout Protein Powder

One of the first things you learn when you start working out is that you are damaging your body every time you do. That’s not just an expression; you’re actually tearing your muscle fibers so that they can regrow and become even stronger.

Because you’re damaging your muscles, you want to have everything your body needs when it builds your muscles back up. That’s why you need the best protein powder to provide the nutrients you need to deliver you best performance and to recover.

Pre-Workout Powder

Pre-workout powder often has three main ingredients. The first is creatine, which gives you the fast energy you need when you’re working out, while increasing water retention in the muscles so that you can get a stronger pump. Another popular ingredient is BCAA’s (Branched-chain Amino Acids), which also increase muscle energy and muscle growth. Finally, you’ll often find good ol’ fashioned caffeine, which is an energy booster and allows you to do more reps and stay focused; more exercise means more muscle growth.


If you’re engaging in a long workout, the muscle-building elements you put in before your workout have been used up or have made their way through your system. That’s why you’ll need more BCAA’s and creatine, and, of course, raw protein. At this point carbohydrates can become important, because carbs replenish both glycogen and glucose.

When you want to make the most of your body, it’s best to understand exactly what’s going on inside. Take a look at all of our protein powders to find out more about how each will help you make the most of your workout.



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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