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What Will You Be Adding To Your Low Carb Protein Powder Shakes?

Here at OhYeah!, we’ve done everything we can to get the best taste into our protein powder. And when it comes to the flavors tasting like they’re supposed to taste — Chocolate Milkshake, Cookies and Créme, Vanilla,and more — we think we’ve nailed it.

But protein isn’t the only thing you need in your diet, and it’s important to get fruits and vegetables in your body so that you consume all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain your health. Here are some great additions to your protein shake if you’re using them as a meal replacement.


Considering that all of our protein powders are sweet, you might wonder why spinach would show up. The fact is, fresh spinach won’t affect the taste that much. Spinach is an amazing superfood, filled with Vitamins K, A, B2 B6 ,and E. as well as necessary minerals. Spinach also blends very easily, so it disappears into your power powder shake very easily. These reasons put it first on our list


One of the most obvious additions to a nutrition shake is fruit. Blueberries, raspberries, mango, apple...every grocery is filled with nutritious additions for your shake. One fun thing you can do is start with our protein powder — strawberries and créme, for instance — and then add the real strawberry equivalent to give it a super strawberry flavor. Even better, add complementary tastes such as banana, stick it in the freezer, and enjoy your strawberry-banana smoothie protein shake whenever you want!

Greek Yogurt

The recent interest in greek yogurt isn’t really a surprise to us. For years we’ve been suggesting it as an addition to our protein powder. After all, it has less sugar than regular yogurt but still tastes amazing. It also has a lot more protein than the yogurt you grew up with, as well as fewer carbs and less sodium. Of course, it has the probiotic advantages of yogurt, helping you digest your food better and improving beneficial gut bacteria.

Nut Butter

Nuts pack one of the biggest protein power punches out there. Take almonds, for instance. They’re filled with healthy monounsaturated fat, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and, of course, protein. Plus, they’re not going to spike your blood sugar. Toss almond butter (look for it next to the peanut butter) into your shake for a great taste that’s good for your health. Again, we’ve got to recommend this one with strawberries and créme. You’ve essentially created a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a blender!


Green teas health benefits have been touted for centuries. Recent studies suggest that it’s the high amount of antioxidants in tea that make it good for your body. You can use the tea as the liquid, or, better yet, use matcha powder. It’s the entire tea leaf ground up into a powder.


Here’s one for breakfast: top your smoothie with granola. It adds a bit of crunch to your liquid-only meal. After all, the tongue and teeth crave variety!

As we hope we’ve shown, using a protein powder can actually be a lot of fun; it’s like a buffet for your mouth (and your heart isn’t complain either). Where’s it all start? With OhYeah! protein powder. Check them all out here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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