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Welcome The OhYeah! One Bar in Cinnamon Roll!

At OhYeah!, we’re always interested in increasing the number of flavors that we have to offer. After all, the more you have to offer, the greater your chance of pleasing the customer!

So, what’s our next offering for the One Bar line of low sugar protein bars? Cinnamon Roll! Why Cinnamon Roll in an protein bar?

It’s A Great Breakfast Option

We understand why people might not be interested in our One Bar Birthday Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as breakfast options. While they might have the same sweetness as a Cinnamon Roll One Bar, culturally we’ve been taught that the taste of a cinnamon roll is better in the morning. Considering how many people like to work out in the morning, our cinnamon roll flavor seems to be the best protein bar to get your morning started off just before or after your exercise routine.

It’s Not a Cinnamon Roll!

Maybe the best part about our Cinnamon Roll One Bar is that it’s not a cinnamon roll at all! After all, the average baked cinnamon roll is white flour, sugar, and not much else. The typical cinnamon roll has about 17 grams of sugar. That’s 17 times more than our One Bar! An actual cinnamon roll has more total fat, saturated fat, calories, and carbs. A real cinnamon roll also has less than one-tenth of the fiber of our One Bar.

If you’ve got a choice between a cinnamon roll and a One Bar Cinnamon Roll protein bar, always pick the low sugar protein bar!

Why Not Try Something New?

If you’re familiar with our One Bar, you know just how good they are even though they just have one gram of sugar. If you already have a favorite, drop Cinnamon Roll into your cart and find out if it trumps your current low sugar protein bar.

Welcome to the OhYeah! Family, Cinnamon Roll. As good as you taste, we know you’ll be around for a while!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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