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Thanks for Making Our Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar a Huge Success!

We’ve got a little something for you. Come a little closer. Now try not to lose your mind here. Three words. Six syllables.

Chocolate birthday cake.

You heard that right. Chocolate birthday cake!

You’ve probably tried, and no doubt loved, one of the other delicious flavors of our One Bar. White Chocolate Raspberry is to die for. Lemon Cake is a nice, refreshing treat. Peanut butter lovers are totally onboard for Peanut Butter Pie. These flavors are all wonderful, but we’ve absolutely hit the flavor jackpot with our Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar.

We previously let you know when the Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar was available for pre-order, and thanks to you, it’s already a huge hit! Our customers can’t believe that there’s only a single gram of sugar in our Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar. Twenty two grams of protein, high fiber content, and only two to three net carbs? Add in the fact that there are no GMOs and no gluten and it gets even better.

Your body needs the right combination of nutrients to combat those early mornings, crazy days at the office, and intense workouts and when it comes to fueling our bodies, convenience is key. Our Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar is good for you and it tastes good, too! Is it a miracle?

Probably not. Well…maybe.

A hearty thank you to everyone who has made the Chocolate Birthday Cake One Bar the massive success that it is! If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to hop on board. Order yours today!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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