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Looking for a Gluten Free High-Protein, Low-Carb Snack?

You know what, we’re not even going to make you wait until the end of the article if you’re looking for high-protein, low carb snack like our OhYeah! Victory Bars and protein powders. Here it is, enjoy!

Now, let’s talk talk about what’s over there. Just about everything we offer! That’s one of the great things about making high-quality nutrition bars and low carb protein powders ourselves: we can control exactly what does, and just as importantly, what doesn’t go into them.

What About Gluten?

Gluten is a great example. Now don’t get us wrong, we fully understand that gluten isn’t poison for most people and certainly has its place in the baking world. But why use it if you don’t need it? Do you really want your protein powder to be fluffier? Some might argue that we could use it in our protein bars, but we like a more dense and fudge-like protein bar that can really pack in the protein with every bite.

And Sugar?

We also lay off the sugar when it’s not needed. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our One Bars, with just one gram of sugar per bar. If you’re trying to keep your sugar alcohols low, it’s hard to beat a One Bar,and they’re available in 11 different flavors. (As fast as we’re pumping out new flavors, it might be 12 by the time you read this!) We also keep the sugar way down in our Whey Power protein powder; each rounded scoop of this powder only contains a gram of sugar. When it comes to this low carb protein powder, you've got six great flavors to choose from.

Like we said, why put something when you don’t need it? Grab your favorite gluten-free and low-sugar options right here.

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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