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Is There Anything Wrong With Getting Your Protein From Soy?

When many people hear the word “protein” they immediately think of meat. Next they might think of a high-protein, low-carb snack like tree nuts. When a weightlifter thinks of protein, the first thing that comes to mind might be nutrition bars or protein powder.

But what about soy? Soy is very high in protein and amino acids. Why has OhYeah! decided to go with whey powder in our low carb protein powder instead of soy protein? Soy is more than a little controversial:

“Soy Is Good!”

Soy might reduce heart disease, fat, diabetes, and cholesterol. It also seems to help fight a number of other cancers. It might reduce colon cancer in women, but not in men. However, men might gain the benefit of reduced blood pressure. It’s the best, right? Well...

“Soy Is Bad!”

Studies have shown that soy increases heart disease and should not be used as the sole means of protein. It might increase pancreatic cancer and gastric cancer. Many studies suggest that soy decreases testosterone and increases estrogen levels men, decreasing their energy and sex drive.

In Reality, Soy Seems To Be A Mixed Bag

It seems that soy is like so many other foods in the world: rely on it as your main source of protein and something is going to go wrong. While soy is fine as an occasional food, it seems that men shouldn’t rely on it for their protein powder or as a milk substitute.

You might ask yourself, with so many conflicting reports, why is it still used by some makers of protein powder? Because it’s not animal-based, it’s simply cheaper to make. Whey protein, like that found in OhYeah! protein powders, require considerably more money to produce. We think it’s worth it to avoid the uncertain studies that have affected the soy industry for fifty years. Find the best in whey right here.


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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