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Introducing The Pumpkin Pie OhYeah! One Bar!

One Bars just won’t stop, will they? Just in the last few months we’ve introduced Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Roll, and now something that no one saw coming: Pumpkin Pie Flavor! Pumpkin pie flavored product have become increasingly popular over the years, so we figured we’d step in and satisfy the needs of our customers who are looking for something seasonal.

What do you need to know about our Pumpkin Pie flavored OhYeah low sugar protein bars?

Here’s What They’ve Got

OhYeah! Pumpkin Pie One Bars have the same great protein as our other One Bars: 21 grams of muscle building protein! They also have a healthy amount of fiber: 9 grams, or 32 percent of recommended daily allowance.

Here’s What They Don’t Have

What are One Bars known for? Low sugar! Each Pumpkin Pie One Bar only has 1 gram of sugar so that your blood sugar isn’t spiking. They’re also low in cholesterol and sodium.

If You Really Like It, Stock Up!

You’ll notice the little ribbon under the picture of the pumpkin pie. What does it say? “New Seasonal Flavor.” As it turns out, most people aren’t as interested in eating something pumpkin pie flavored when spring rolls around (something that Starbucks knows very well), so there’s a good chance that this flavor may go away for a while. If you are the type of person who enjoys a pumpkin pie power bar at Easter, then you might want to stock up now...we’re not sure how long this flavor is going to stick around!

If you’re ready to try a tasty new option in nutrition bars, check out our newest flavors here!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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Jaslyn Oberoi
Jaslyn Oberoi

November 22, 2016

Where do I get this in Encinitas/San Diego? This flavor specifically. I can’t buy in bulk till I try :/.

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