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Flavors You Don’t Want In A Low Carb Protein Bar

So, we’ve been over the many wonderful flavors of our healthy protein bars again and again. Take the OhYeah! One Bar, for example: 11 different flavors and counting, including our latest offerings of Cinnamon Roll, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Birthday Cake! (These joined our original flavors: Almond Bliss, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Pie, Lemon Cake, Cookies & Creme, Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip.)

So as the list gets longer and longer, you have to wonder: where will it go from here? What flavors will you be seeing next? Well, we’ve got to keep that a secret for now. But here are some flavors that you won’t be seeing in OhYeah! protein bars anytime soon...or ever!

Burnt Popcorn

Never hit the microwave button and walk away! There are very few people that enjoy the smell of burnt popcorn, and the ones who do...well, honestly, we don’t trust those people. It’s a horrible smell and you should always do everything you can do to avoid it. If you’re away from the office, you don’t want to be reminded of the office. And if you’re at the office, you don’t want to be reminded of where you’re stuck!


Well, we recently wrote a blog about the problems that can arise by getting too much protein from soy. Since mayonnaise and Miracle Whip is often made from soybean oil, we’re certainly not about to get the mayonnaise flavor from there. And now that we think about it, it was a disgusting idea in the first place. Just forget we said anything.

Anything You’d Find In A Potato Chip

Have you seen the crazy flavors of potato chips are coming in today? Szechuan Chicken, Greek Tzatziki, Chicken and Waffles, Curry! While those might be great options for chips, you’re not going to be seeing anything like that in our power bars.

Now that we think about it, we’re just going to stick to the sweet flavors and leave the craziness to Beanboozled Jelly Beans. When you’re looking for something great that will fill you up and get you necessary protein, you’re looking for low sugar protein bars like the One Bar!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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