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Even More FAQs about Protein Powders, Shakes, and OhYeah! Protein Bars


In our last blog we took time to answer some of the more commonly asked questions about protein powders, shakes, and bars. These included “are protein supplements regulated by the FDA?” “are protein supplements worth the money?” and “are protein supplements bad for you?” Big questions to be sure, but we know it’s important to answer even the toughest questions about protein supplements.

This week it’s time to tackle even more tough questions. Here are some that the people of the internet are asking.

Are protein supplements necessary to build muscle?

Protein is necessary to build muscle. When you exercise, your body is looking for protein in your system so that it can build muscle. Exercise too much without protein and your body can actually steal the protein in your muscles for quick energy.

But to answer the question, is it necessary to use a protein supplement to build muscle? It depends on your level of working out and how much muscles you’re looking to build. Which brings us to this question...

Are protein supplements necessary for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders are by far the most frequent users of protein. Because they are most interested in building muscle, they go through a lot of protein in a short amount of time. Trying to consume all of the protein they want in the form of solid food is impractical and often too expensive. To get enough protein to bodybuild, they’d have to have five meals a day and spend half their time cooking! Protein powders from OhYeah! can be an incredibly efficient way of getting a large amount of in a short amount of time. Because protein shakes are so easily digestible, they get into the system faster...which means weightlifters are less likely to vomit their last protein-rich meal during extreme exercise.

Are protein supplements good for weight loss?

This is one of the most common questions we get about protein shakes. After all, there are dessert shakes, protein shakes, and diet shakes. The first one will most certainly have you gaining weight. The last one might work to get you to lose weight, but no guarantees. The type of protein shakes (and the protein powder that is used to create shakes) that we sell is full of protein, but it also has calories.

Really, it all depends on how you use our protein supplements. The good thing about protein is that protein-rich foods are more likely to fill you up more than other foods. Are you replacing your ice cream shake with protein shakes? It might just help you lose weight. Are you using it as a meal replacement and therefore taking in fewer calories? Then yes, it’s very likely that you’ll lose some weight, especially when you combine it with exercise. Drinking them in addition to your normal meals and not exercising will certainly not help you lose weight.

Are protein supplements safe during pregnancy?

There’s absolutely no way you’re going to get us to answer this one! Pregnant women need to listen to their doctors about protein in whatever form it comes. If you’re pregnant, don’t trust any blog or anything you read online about your pregnancy and protein! See a doctor!

There you go, answers to even more of the most frequently asked questions about protein powder and shakes out there. If you’re convinced that protein supplements are for you, check out all of OhYeah!’s offerings right here.



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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