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Besides Athletes, Who Needs Extra Protein?

A few blogs ago we wrote about some people who shouldn’t push too much protein in their diet: those who aren’t active, are pregnant, or are vegan would want to think twice before drinking a protein powder.

Most of the time the people who need protein are those who are looking to add lots of muscle to their frame. But there are some people that need extra protein who aren’t necessarily weight lifters or even athletes. (Please note that we’re not necessarily saying that the protein should come from supplements; sometimes these groups simply need to increase protein in their diet. As usual, talk to your doctor about the amount of protein you need and from where you should get it.)

The Elderly

Older people need more protein in their diet than you might think. The human body processes protein less efficiently as we age. Also, our bodies lose muscle more easily as we get older, a process known as sarcopenia. Protein has been shown to increase bone density and is considered as important as Vitamin D at keeping bones strong.


All that increase in height and weight means teens need to build muscle! Teens need plenty of protein because they’re more prone to building muscle more now than at any other part of their lives. They also have gym class and are likely to be involved in school sports. The amount teens need varies depending on what stage of development they’re at.

New Vegetarians

While vegans won’t go for the whey that we derive from milk, vegetarians have no problem without low to no lactose protein powders. While we fully understand that you can live a healthy life meat-free, new vegetarians who have just cut out the meat have to remember to keep their protein up so that the don’t lose muscle.

Everyone needs protein, and some more than others. If you’re in need of protein supplements, check them out right here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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