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Why Our Low Carb Protein Powder is NSF Certified For Sport®

NSF Certified For Sport® is a program that tests sports supplements for banned or dangerous materials. In fact, they check for over 200 prohibited and banned substances like steroids, stimulants, narcotics, and hormones. They also check for the chemicals that are often used to mask the prohibited substance.

ISS Research LLC, the company that brings you all of the OhYeah! products, is proud to partner with NSF Certified For Sport® to make sure that the only stuff you’ll find in our products — whether it’s our nutrition shakes or our low carb protein powder — only contains what’s on the label and won’t get anyone in trouble during a blood or urine test. Why is all this so important, whether you’re a professional or not?

It Keep You Honest: Since the invention of steroids, people have been able to do more and more with their bodies. And as we all know, that’s a bad thing. Because if you win by cheating, you don’t win. When you use our low carb protein powder and shakes, you know that anything you do is not only legal but also ethical.

It Keeps Bad Stuff Out Of Your Body: Who needs extra chemicals running around in their body? If we’ve learned anything from the history of performance enhancing drugs it’s that’s there no such thing as “no side effects.” Make sure you’re not going to suffer from some side effect that might be putting you off your game or exercise routine. Not only that but it also makes sure there are no pesticides that might be affecting other parts of your health as well.

It Keeps Paid Athletes Out Of Trouble: When you don’t have performance enhancing drugs in your system, you can take great credit for you success. But what if foreign substances are found and you honestly believe that you’ve never done anything wrong? If you suddenly realize that it got into your body through a power bar or nutrition shake, it could be career ruining. Even if it’s shown that the nutrition shake is the sole way you got these things into your body, what are the chances that people will believe you when you say that gaining that advantage wasn’t your intention.

It Keep Coaches Happy: Imagine you’re the coach of a highly-paid athlete, and then it comes to light that the athlete has been using performance enhancing drugs or some other banned supplement. How does that look on you? Suddenly all of the hard work that you put in as coach is sullied by the fact that it wasn’t just the work that you put in with your athlete. NSF Certified For Sport® products guarantee that the hard-won reputation of professional coaches is protected.

If it’s banned by a major sports league like the MLB, NBA, or NFL, NSF Certified For Sport® tests for it and will not give its seal of approval unless the supplement passes. We’re happy to say that all of our powders and shakes have passed the NSF program, so you can be reassured that you’re safe, both on the field and off.


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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