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The Advantages Of Our OhYeah! Trail Mix Bar

We’ll admit it...our OhYeah! Trail Mix Bars are probably the most indulgent of our snack bars. But denying yourself all the time is one of the fastest ways to failing on any diet. But having one of our OhYeah! Trail Mix Bars you can feel like you’re getting away with something.

But here’s a little secret: though you’re getting candy pieces in here, you’re not really getting away with anything. While it tastes amazing, you’re not eating a candy bar. Every OhYeah! nutrition bar is so much more.

The Protein: 14 grams! You might think “oh, all that comes from the peanuts. I’ll bet you get that much from a Snickers Bar.” Nope. You’d have to eat 14 fun-sized Snickers bars in order to get the protein from one OhYeah! Trail Mix Bar. (We’re not doctors, but we have some advice for you...don’t eat 14 Snickers bars!). The protein comes from our whey and milk protein isolates and concentrates.

The Carbohydrates: While we won’t exactly call these low carb protein bars, we have to say that they’re not bad. At 19 grams, they’ll help the protein fill you up a bit more so that you’re not snacking on anything else on the trail.

The Taste: Here at OhYeah!, we’re not going to sell anything that doesn’t taste good. We focus on the taste, because we know that that’s the aspect that’s going to bring our customers back again and again. So we focus on the taste, which is pretty easy with this high protein snack...naturally sweet raising, candy pieces, and crunchy peanuts.

When you’re looking to cheat a little (but not really), the OhYeah! Trail Mix Bars are here to help. Check them out right here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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