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Protein Bar, Protein Shake, Or Protein Powder...Which One Will Fuel You?

We sell a great variety of products because we know that at least one of them will fit into everyone’s lifestyle. We truly believe we have the best nutrition bars, protein shakes, and protein powders available, both in taste and nutritional content.

So how do you decide exactly which of our products is right for you? It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Protein Bar - There are certainly advantages of carrying around a protein bar like an OhYeah! One bar around with you. You can crush it and it’s still edible (don’t try this with a protein shake unless you like cleaning up messes!) You can always have them at your desk without having to mix them with anything (sorry, protein powder), and they’re an amazing way to get lots of heart-healthy / digestion healthy fiber in your diet (our Victory bars have 68% of your fiber for the day!)

Protein Shake - Okay, you’ve got 45 seconds to eat: what’s the fastest way to get protein into your body? Our nutrition shakes are certainly the fastest way to get your protein...no chewing required! And they certainly go down easy because we’ve got five award-winning flavors that are sure to please. They don’t require refrigeration, and if you’re on a liquid diet and always on the go, here’s your answer.

Protein Powder - For the most cost-effective way of getting protein inside you without all the lactose and calories, our low carb protein powder is the way to go. It can be mixed with water, milk, or just about any beverage to supply you with a fast protein fix.

It’s pretty obvious...every one of our products has a place in your life. In fact, we know many people who will have one for a snack in the morning and then use it as a meal supplement at night (remember to consult your physician before entering any diet.) Find your favorites right here at OhYeah!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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