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What Good Is Protein, And Why Are Our Low Carb Protein Bars So Popular?

The best protein shakes! Low-carb protein bars! Tasty protein powder! Protein, protein, protein!

But why is protein so important? Many of us are fans of sticking an OhYeah! Victory Bar into our pocket or purse for a high protein, low carb snack. And we’ve all been told that protein is important when you’re working out. So how does it work?

You’ll help your muscles: Protein helps promote muscle protein synthesis. That’s because protein has the building blocks of muscle development, so when you're working out you’ve got those building block “on hand” for when your muscle needs them. You’ll also end up with more lean muscle. Be careful what kind of protein you’re using, though...make sure you find something with low carbs and low calories (unless you’re trying to bulk up) and something that contains branched-chain amino acids.

You’ll take in fewer calories: Protein is excellent at filling you up. That way you’re less hungry and you’re not as likely to succumb to the less healthy snacks that you might find around the office. Our low carb protein bars or nutrition shakes are the easiest way to have something with you.

Higher bone density - These benefits of this are two-fold. First, protein has been shown to increase bone density. Plus, when you work out you’re strengthening your bones by putting them under pressure. So it’s an amazing cycle of bone strength!

These are just a few benefits of having a good amount of protein in our diet. What’s your preferred protein delivery method? Find it right here at OHYeah!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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