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The Benefits Of A Matching A Multivitamin With The Best Power Bars

When you’re working out, your body is working more quickly, and you’re processing the stuff you put into it faster and faster.

And that’s why your average grocery store multivitamin just won’t do. Those vitamins just don’t have the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals that you’re going to need. Why?

You’re Flushing Out Your System - When you work out, it’s vitally important that you drink a lot of water. First of all, you’re losing water quickly via your sweat. So as you replace that water you’ll be sweating it , but you’ll also be urinating a lot more. When that happens, everything is going through you body faster and not all vitamins and minerals are going to be absorbed as they would if they’d stuck around in your digestive system longer.

You’re Using Up What Goes In - When you work out, your metabolism gets moving. And when that happens, your body starts to use up what you put in it (or flush it out). So a workout uses up more vitamins and minerals than the average multivitamin can deliver. Instead of taking two store bought multivitamins and overdosing on some while lacking others, get a multivitamin that’s made specifically to replace what’s used up during exercise.

But Multivitamins Can’t Do It All - So, why is it a good idea to match your multivitamin with the best power bars on the market? Well, multivitamins are good at getting vitamins and minerals back into your body, but our OhYeah! nutrition bars are there to provide the protein your body needs (and some of them pack quite the fiber punch as well).

Be sure to get the best of all possible worlds with a dedicated multivitamin matched to our protein bars. Check them out here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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