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Looking For A Nutritional Shake That You’ll Actually Want To Drink?

Nutritional shakes are a great way to get muscle-building protein into our body, but too many of our competitor’s shakes are...well, how to put this gently...lacking in the taste department. After all, the basic components of a nutrition shakes aren’t that hard to manufacture. Getting people to like them is the trick. At OhYeah! we know we have the best protein shake on the market. How?

They’re Award Winning: We’re constantly winning the title “#1 Nutritional Shake in America. This covers not only the nutritional aspects but also the great taste we’ve been able to put into them.

The Variety: We’ve got five great flavors. If you try them all, there’s at least one you’re actually going to flip over. Chocolate Milkshakes, Vanilla Créme, Strawberries & Créme, Bananas & Creme, Cookies & Creme. (What is créme, you might ask? Well, these nutritional shakes are all lactose-free, so we can’t call it cream. But we can call it créme to give you an idea of the smooth taste you’ll experience.)

What’s In Them: So, all that taste makes them go down smooth. But so does a malt shake from Sonic, so what exactly makes our nutritional shakes “nutritional”? Well, for starters they’re extremely low in carbs, a maximum of six grams per serving (that’s about 2% of your daily recommended value. They’re also low in sugar at 3 grams, which is about a fifth of your standard kid’s cereal. And they’re lactose-free, so you don’t have to worry about cramping stomachs while you work out.

Oh Yeah! protein shakes are one of our greatest triumphs, and we hope you’ll try some to find out just how tasty a nutrition shake can be. Try all of our OhYeah! shakes today!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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