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8 Tips to Keep Workouts Feeling Right

The search for the best protein powder for your needs can be difficult. Lucky for you, you’ve discovered that OhYeah! has exactly what you’re looking for. In order for you to get the best workout to work in conjunction with the best protein powder around, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite workout tips to keep you motivated and give you maximum benefits.

  1. Keep track of what you’re doing. Whether you’re logging your workouts with an app, typing it out on your computer, or writing it down by hand in your favorite notebook, keeping track of your progress allows you to know exactly where you’re at so you can see how much you’ve improved and how much you work you still have ahead.
  2. Take advantage of the fact that you work on the third floor. Don’t be content to hop into the elevator on your way into the office. Take that flight of stairs! Supplementing your full workouts with a handful of mini-workouts during the day goes a long way.
  3. Consistency is key. Make yourself a workout schedule and stick to it. Knowing what you’re doing and when you’re doing it will go a long way towards keeping you on pace to meet your goals. It’s also important, however, to not beat yourself up, which leads to our next point.
  4. Make room for life to get in the way. It will happen whether you want it to or not, so planning around life’s surprises can keep you mentally healthy. If you don’t get in a full 45 minute run, but only have time for 15 minutes, keep in mind that it’s better than nothing.
  5. Get yourself a workout pal. Having someone to workout with will give you some accountability. An added benefit is that it’s also more fun to have someone that makes you happy around during a workout.
  6. Do something that’s fun. You don’t have to stick to only jogging. If you love it, by all means, keep it up, but if not, switch it up. A game of pickup basketball with your friends is a great workout, too. Enjoying what you’re doing will ensure that you do it more often which means you’ll stay healthy in the long run.
  7. Know what works. If you’ve been doing the same exercises for months now and you haven’t seen any results, find something else. There are a million different things you can do, so change it up and figure out what makes the most difference for your body.
  8. Eat the right foods. If you’ve found the best protein powder, but you’re not eating the best food, it’s not going to matter. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist to find out what’s best for you and stick to putting that stuff in your body.

Every ingredient has a purpose because your goal has purpose. You want exactly the right formula to help you to demolish every workout goal that you set. OhYeah!’s Total Protein System is the best protein powder for you, no matter your goal. Give it a try today!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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