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We’ve Got The Best Nutrition Bars, and Our Fiber Content Proves It

Take a look at the nutritional content on our protein bars. The OhYeah! One Bar has 40% of your dietary fiber for the day. The OhYeah! Victory Bar has 68%! Why are these low carb protein bars so packed with fiber, and how is this going to help you?

Good for you diet: While not everyone in the middle of a workout is looking to lose weight, those who are will be happy to know that high-fiber foods are an excellent way of curbing your appetite. Foods high in fiber fill you up for longer and make you feel more full, so you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods later.

Good for your bowels: This one is obvious, but it bears repeating. Foods high in fiber are good for digestion and help your bowels work better. In fact, only 8% of Americans are getting enough whole grains and fiber in their diets.

Better blood sugar control: When you eat refined sugars, your blood sugar spikes too quickly. Eating foods high in fiber help to control the rate at which fiber is absorbed.

Good for your heart: It doesn’t matter what muscle group you’re working on at the gym...the most important muscle is your heart. Because when it goes, it doesn’t matter how muscular you look if you’re dead. So don’t forget to get enough fiber to reduce your bad cholesterol, reduce your high blood pressure, and help your heart.

So there you go, four good reasons to choose our OhYeah! power bars to get you the protein and the fiber you need. Try some today!


Meghan Butler
Meghan Butler


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