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7 Ways To Use Protein Powder (Besides Just Adding Water)

Most people who order our low carb protein powder intend to add water or milk to it and drink it before, during, and after workouts. Sure, that’s the simplest way to get the best protein powder into you, but it’s far from the only way. Here are some great alternative uses for protein powder.


Oatmeal is already an excellent food, full of whole grains and packed with fiber. It’s not bad on the protein front, either, but it’s not necessarily a powerhouse. Adding some low-carb protein powder to your oatmeal, along with some additional water, can be a great way to start your day off right. The good thing is that you can use unflavored oatmeal and flavor it with our protein powder: when’s the last time you got to eat cookies and créme oatmeal? You can now!


Popsicles don’t just have to be sugar, flavoring, and food coloring. When you mix protein powder with your favorite drink — think juice, coconut milk, or iced tea — you can enjoy a cool treat after your heavy workout, all while getting the protein that your muscles need.


Not in the mood for something as cold as a popsicle? How about some putting. Mix some greek yogurt with our Vanilla Creme or Chocolate Milkshake protein powder. You’ll not only be getting the protein from our low carb protein powder; you’re also getting protein from the yogurt, as well as the yogurt cultures that can aid in digestion.


Here’s a brilliant idea. Instead of using Bisquick or white flour, why not swap it out for protein powder? You can even use almond flour if you really want to pound the protein during breakfast. Or better yet, have some brinner (breakfast for dinner) and go to bed happy that night.


Not into the thickness of pancakes? Why not make crepes? Crepes also have the added benefit of being “fillable.” Make your crepe with whole grain flour and protein powder, then wrap it around strawberries, blueberries, or bananas and get your vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee

As we mentioned before, the fastest way to use our protein powder is with water or milk. So when it gets cold outside, why not make a hot drink with protein powder? Not only can you enjoy a hot chocolate or hot vanilla drink, you can also make it a “hot cookies and créme” or “hot strawberries and creme”!


This one might seem obvious, but we’re talking about full-on, sweet, cherry on top shakes that you’ll be looking forward to all day! There are thousands of ingredients that you can use to make your shake perfect for you. Start with our vanilla creme low carb protein powder in a blender, add milk, and drop in your favorite fruit. If you’re not worried about sugar, use ice cream instead of milk. Cheat days can be wonderful things!

We’ll bet you never realized that protein powder could be so versatile. Ready to get cooking with protein? Find the exact powder you need right here.


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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