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4 Criteria To Help You Choose The Right Protein Supplements

As much as we’d like to tell you that we’re the only protein supplement out there, we know that won’t fool anyone. There are entire stores dedicated providing protein powders, and choosing one can be difficult. Here’s some advice on which criteria to look for.

Choose Your Protein

The two most common types of protein are whey protein and soy protein. Whey protein is derived from milk but contains very little lactose. Soy protein comes from soybeans; many people avoid large amounts of soy-based protein because of the hormonal changes it can make in the body.

Avoid the Neon Labels

Having good design is one thing; trying to grab people with pictures of neon skulls and labeling them “Killer ‘Tein” or “Muscles Exploder Maximum Max Max MAXimum” is just putting lipstick on a pig. These companies are usually trying to hide their subpar product behind their labels while appealing to a less-discerning demographic.

Choose NSF®

One aspect of many OhYeah! products we’re proud of is that they’re NSF® Certified For Sport. This means that our products are certified by a third party, ensuring that they don’t contain any illegal substances. It’s something you’ll want to look for on the label, whether you’re a professional athlete or work out casually. Either way, you don’t need steroids, stimulants, narcotics, or hormones in your body.

Choosing the best protein powder can be difficult, and that’s why we try to make it as easy as possible on you. Check out all of our products that meet all of the criteria above right here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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