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Why Choose Our Healthy Nutrition Bars Over Protein Powder or Nutrition Shakes?

In our last two blogs we’ve talked about why someone might choose OhYeah!’s low carb protein powder of nutritional shake over our Victory Bars, One Bars, or Original Bars. But there are some customers who keep coming back again and again to buy our healthy nutrition bars. So what makes them such big fans of these energy bars?


Is that even a word? Doesn’t matter, because our power bars will fill you up!

There are three reasons why our OhYeah! Bars can fill you up so well, preventing snacking better than just about any other food. All protein-rich foods can help you from snacking, but our nutrition bars, being solids, stays around in your stomach longer than a liquid and fills you up for longer. Our Victory Bars take that one step further and add lots of fiber, which is another nutrition element that fills you up for longer.


Our energy bars make a great high-protein, low-carb snack, one that you can take just about anywhere. It’s great in the car, at the office, and you don’t have to have a liquid to add it to like you do with protein powder. Also, consider which you’d rather take on a plane...the protein powder is going to raise alarms, and the nutritional shakes are too much liquid to take on the plane!

Our Victory Bars, One Bars, and Original Bars can offer some distinctive advantage over other high-protein sources. Still, we know you’ll love our OhYeah! products no matter how you want to get your protein. Find your favorites here!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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