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Why Pick A Protein Powder Over An Protein Bar or Nutrition Shakes?

Continuing our series on “why people might prefer one protein delivery method over another,” we’ve got a few reasons why someone might be more interested in getting our OhYeah protein powder over our protein bars or nutrition shakes.


Let’s be honest, many people are most interested in price when it comes to getting their protein. Well, we provide the best protein powder around and do it at a very good price. Per serving, our protein powder is considerably cheaper than the average nutrition shake, and also delivers more protein per serving than a comparably priced protein bar.

Mix It Up!

Some people want to decide exactly what they’re going to mix the protein powder with. While many choose to mix it with water, others want a creamier version to go with our sweet powders. And when it comes to OhYeah! Rush, which offers flavors such as fruit punch, watermelon, and tropical orange, some choose to mix it with lemonade or other drink. When it comes to our low carb protein powder, it’s all up to you!

Variety of Use

Our nutritional shakes are mostly about getting protein into your body. Same with our nutrition bars, even though you can get the high-fiber and low sugar options. But powder is specially formulated for what you’re looking for...pre-workout, post-workout, high-protein, mass building...those who use protein powder are often looking for something very specific.

When you’re looking for something specific for your workout and want a good bargain, it’s hard to beat our low carb protein powder. Stay on top of your workout with OhYeah!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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