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“I’m Out of Victory Bars and I Ate Three Cookies This Morning!”

Remember Steve B? He’s that guy we had review our protein shakes not too long ago, and we’re happy to say that he had a pretty favorable impression of them.

We’ve heard from Steve again, but he seems to be having something of a problem.

Hey guys, I ran out of victory bars. (I started with cookie dough and then tried fudge brownie. I think CD wins out by a hair) I forgot to order more and this morning somebody brought in cookies to the office. I’d been able to to say no most mornings because I always had a victory bar. Then I ran out and I end up eating three cookies. I need more!

Ouch! But in a lot of ways, we understand. We’re going to suggest two reasons you failed on cookie morning.

First of all, let’s look at it mentally. When you’re eating a Victory Bar, you know that you’re doing something good for your body. You’re eating something that professional athletes eat in order to get protein, so mentally you’re thinking “I’m on my healthy snack routine, and nothing is going to be added to that.” For many people it’s easier to avoid most junk food when they’ve got the power bar mindset.

Second, you were simply hungry. Pretty obvious, right? So not only was your stomach empty, but the first cookie didn’t satisfy. Neither did the second. Were you even full by the third? The fact is, most cookies have no nutritional value. Victory Bars, on the other hand, are full of protein and fiber, both of which help to keep you full all morning.

Order up some more, Steve! (Seriously, try the Vanilla Almond.) We want our healthy protein bars to keep you on track!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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