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Should You Use Nutrition Bars As A Meal Replacement?

We get this question a lot: “I’m trying to lose weight, so is it okay to use a nutrition bar as a meal replacement?”

Well, first of all we should get one thing out of the way...you should always talk to you doctor before changing anything big about your exercise routine or diet. And we’d consider “meal replacement” something big.

Here are a few thoughts about using an power bar for meal replacement.

Curb Your Appetite

How do you lose weight? People might say “exercise!” Others might say “eat healthy!” Still others might suggest “chop off a leg!” (Do not listen to those people.)

The fact is, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. And reducing the amount of calories you take in becomes easier when you grab a nutrition bar. In this case, our Victory Bar might be the best option available, because it has a lot of protein and also a lot of fiber, two things which will fill you up for longer than other foods.

Don’t Just Count On the Bar

Like we said, our nutrition bars are filled with a variety of good things that can get you through your day. But even the best protein bar can’t give you absolutely everything you need. Our protein bars can make you want less food, which can help you eat a more reasonable lunch. So add a banana and some leafy greens to your meal and you’ll feel much more balanced.

Watch Yourself

Even if you have a doctor's blessing to use our nutrition bars as a partial meal replacement, he or she cannot be 100% sure how you will react when you start the process. Pay attention to your body, because while it’s okay to be a little hungry on a reduced-calorie diet, it’s not okay to feel horrible every afternoon.

Our nutrition bars can be a great start on your goal to keeping a reduced calorie diet. Talk to your doctor and then grab your favorite right here.


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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