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Cookies and What? (Why OhYeah! Protein Products Don't Contain Cream)

So, you’re checking out our low sugar protein bars or our low carb protein powder, trying to decide which flavor you’d like to try next (or for the first time, lucky you!) You recognize all of the yummy words we’re throwing at you: chocolate fudge brownie, almond, birthday cake. But then you see cookies and créme and might wonder if it’s a typo.

Well, it’s a legal thing. Take a look at Hershey's Cookies and Créme bars (but do not eat!) There’s the word créme again. The fact is, our products don’t have cream in them, and that’s a good thing. Why?

Cream would spoil

Ultra pasteurized milk can last a long time, but not as long as you’d need it to in our créme products. You want something that will be fresh when it leaves our warehouse, travels in a hot truck to your porch, and stays fresh in your pantry.

Cream would contain too much lactose

Most real cream is around 3% to 4% lactose. While most of the protein we supply comes from milk isolate and concentrate, the amount of lactose is negligible to the point of being hard to measure. This makes it an excellent option for those who are lactose intolerant.  

Cream would be extra fatty

This chart from Wikipedia, showing fat content of products derived from milk, is fascinating. As you can see, cream usually contains about  30% to 36% milkfat. For most our our products we endeavor to keep the total fat and saturated fat down as much as possible. Real cream would make it much too fatty.

We have cookies and créme available in products all over our site. You can try it in:

If you’re ready to try the best cookies and cream créme around, click on one of the links above!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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