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When You Find the Best Tasting Protein Bars, Who Do You Tell?

When you find something you love, you want to share it. Sure, it can be cathartic to complain about a product and get it off your chest, but when you tell someone about something amazing you’ve found it makes you feel good to pass it along and improve their lives as well.

So when you find the best tasting protein bars around, where will you be taking them?

On the Trail

Next time you’re hitting a hiking trail and need to bring snacks, be sure to bring more than you need. Once your friends see how fast you’re scarfing down one of our Original Bars or Victory Bars, they’re sure to want to try one. It’s time to enlighten them about how awesome our bars are!

At the Office

When you’re on an exercise and diet regimen, your coworkers are going to notice that you’re looking better and have more energy. They might also notice that you’re not visiting the donut box as often, or that you’re only eating half your meal and taking the rest home for later. It’s then that you can tell them that you’ve been quelling your appetite with our OhYeah! protein bars.

Other Uses

The gym is where you’ll find the most people who have experience with power bars and energy bars. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear conversations centering around which are the best tasting protein bars. When the topic comes up, reach into your gym bag and show them the OhYeah! bar that’s become your favorite.

At Home?

We’ve got to bust out this review that’s found on our Original Bars:

“I have share the bars to anyone that visits my house. Everyone should know about them!...They are so delicious and filling! “

This guy gets it! When you have someone over, offer them a snack!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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