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Creatine Powder For Creatine Power: The Perfect Addition To Our OhYeah! Protein Supplements

We call our creatine powder Creatine Power. Creatine powder isn’t the first thing that most people buy from us. Most of the time people start with a low sugar protein bar (like our 1 Bar) or a low carb protein powder like our Total Protein System. Creatine powder, on the other hand, is the whipped cream on top of the performance pie you’ve been baking for a long time. (We’d like to apologize for that horrible analogy.)

Creatine is a very complex substance that interacts with the body in an equally complex way. Explaining exactly what’s going on scientifically would take many blogs, but we’re here to tell you what most people want to hear: the ways that creatine can help your performance.

Creatine Power is for Performance

Creatine Power is for those who are interested in getting more power at this very moment! It’s great for those who are looking to perform better than others in a short-term competition. A great example isa  sprinter, or those who are looking to do a lot of weight reps in a short amount of time.

It’s That Extra Little Boost

Creatine Power helps you get that extra amount of energy for short amounts of time. Some studies have shown that creatine can boost your performance up to 5%. While that might not sound like much, it’s a world of difference when Olympic races come down to a fraction of a second.

Who It’s Not For

If you’re building up your leg muscles for a marathon or are simply interested in bulking up, creatine powder isn’t necessarily for you. You can get the energy for those activities from other sources within your body or in other supplements.

What Taste?

You won’t need too much creatine during a typical day; we’ve made it unflavored so that you can add it to any of your prefered drinks. It’s important to drink a lot of water when you use creatine powder, so we’d like to suggest you dilute it in at least eight ounces of water. We’re sure you’ll be sweating a lot, so that probably won’t be a problem.


Most OhYeah! products are NSF Certified For Sport, and our Creatine Power is one of them. Because many of our customers who use it are professional athletes, it’s incredibly important that there’s absolutely no chance of there being anything that ever resembles a banned substance in our creatine powder. You’ll be clean to perform according to the regulating bodies in most professional sports . Plus, when you win you’ll be sure it was you who deserves the praise! (You can throw a little credit OhYeah!’s way too, if you want…)

Creatine powder isn’t necessarily for everyone, but if you know you need it, you know you need it! When you’re ready for that extra little boost, grab the best creatine powder around. You’ll have the power!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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