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Easing Into The Good Stuff In Our Healthy Protein Bars and Low Carb Protein Powder

So, let’s say you’re going to run a marathon in September, but so far you haven’t been running more than a mile a day. We’re guessing that you’ll just show up on that September morning and run the marathon with no problems, right?

Of course not! You’re not going to go from 1 to 26 overnight; you’re going to slowly work up to it over the course of months. Your leg muscles have to build up, and your feet have to acclimate to the pounding on the pavement. Your lungs need to get used to breathing hard for a longer amount of time, and your heart has to get stronger and accustomed to providing you hours of running stamina.

So when you’re about to start a high-protein diet, you don’t want to go from 1 to 26 overnight; consider building up your protein intake over time. While it might not take months for your body to adapt to a protein supplement, it’s a good idea to start slower than you might think. So when you’re buying our healthy protein bars or low carb protein powder, take these things into consideration.

Give the Protein Somewhere To Go

If you haven’t been exercising much, you might think that pounding protein is going to lay on the muscles. Well, actually it’s the exercise combined with the protein that’s important. If you’re eating too much protein and it has nowhere to go (like into building muscles), then you could experience adverse health effects from too much protein. When using our power bars or protein powder it’s important that you’re exercising so that you’re using the protein and not just letting it sit. As you get bigger you’ll be using more and more protein, so you can increase the amount you take in.

Ramp Up the Fiber

The same goes for our fiber-rich protein bars like the OhYeah! Victory Bar. Most Americans don’t get enough fiber, so if you go from getting 20% in your day and add another 68% that you’ll find in our Victory Bar, you’re going from 20 to 88 in a single day. Maybe have a half bar on the first day so that your bowels aren’t too surprised. After a few days you’ll be using the fiber to its full potential, your bowels will calm down, and you won’t even be gassy...just regular.

As Always, Talk To Your Physician

When you change your diet in any considerable way it’s important that you consult with your doctor. After that, a certified fitness instructor or dietician can help guide you on the amount of protein you’ll need. Diet should always be a balance of the healthy stuff you put in and how you’ll use it.

When you need it, OhYeah! Has everything you’ll need in protein supplements and meal replacements. We’re happy to sell you all the protein powder and healthy protein bars you want, but it’s important to use them responsibly. After all, we want you as a customer for life. Grab the best from OhYeah! and ramp up to a healthier you!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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