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Are You Eating Your Power Bar or Using It?

When you hear a question like “Are you eating your power bar or using it?” what sort of thoughts come to mind? Do you imagine someone using a power bar as a chock to keep the RV from moving? A quick replacement for a very light dumbbell? The perfect height to keep that table from wobbling?

What we’re talking about is “how much are you eating a power bar because you enjoy it, and how much are you eating a power bar because you want what’s in it?” At OhYeah!, we love people in both camps, and we show that love by giving you the best of all worlds.

Relax and Enjoy It: Sure, there’s some amazing stuff in an OhYeah! protein bar. But if a protein bar just sits on the shelf, what good is it doing you? We’ve spent quite a bit of effort ensuring that our OhYeah! bars are the best-tasting protein bar on the planet. Enjoy one when you’re feeling peckish and don’t want to pig out during lunch. Or take a breather after a workout that knocked you for a loop; after all, that’s when your body needs the protein. Speaking of which...

Pound it Down! - Even if we didn’t spend so much time, energy, and money into ensuring that you get something that tastes good, most people would still want to use our protein bar for everything that’s in it. OhYeah! protein bars are filled with an incredible amount of protein so that it’s there when your body needs it. Some focus on being low carb protein bars, some are geared toward fiber. The fact is that they’ve got whatever you’re looking for in a power bar in order to get you through the day, fill you up, and keep your body moving and your muscles growing.

We’ll admit it: with our variety of uses and flavors we’re trying to be “all protein bars to all people.” The thing is, we think we’ve done it! Be sure to grab an OhYeah! protein bar today!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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