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The Best Protein Powder Around: Testimonials About Our Total Protein System

Like all of the products, we’re quite proud of our Total Protein System, and we’ve tested and retested our low carb protein powder in the lab and in the field. But that doesn’t always mean that the release of a product will go as well as you hope.

So it’s a relief when the product gets into the world and is received as well as it is, call by some “the best protein powder around.” Let’s take a look at a few reviews of our Total Protein System.

“Good cold drink with milk - excellent as hot chocolate...Provides necessary protein and helps reduce my hunger for 3-4 hours. It is a great value when compared to the ready-made drinks and tastes much better than other diet shakes.”

Wow, there’s a lot to break out in that one! Let’s take it in order.

  1. Versatility - We’re glad this reviewer pointed out the alternate use for this protein powder. This particular review is for the Chocolate Milkshake flavor of our TPS, and she’s right, it absolutely does make an excellent hot chocolate. After all, if you’re going to enjoy some hot chocolate, why not choose one that will deliver 32 grams of protein into your diet?
  2. Hunger Reduction - Protein is a great way to help reduce hunger, and 32 grams of protein is a sure way to cut down on how much you snack throughout the day. If you’re trying to reduce your weight or simply avoid eating heaps of unhealthy snacks throughout the day, protein will make the process much easier on you.
  3. Value - Ready-made shakes have their place in the world, and that’s why we make our own. They’re a great option for when you want something creamy but won’t have access to cold milk, and they’re good to take with you without worrying about it spilling in your purse or gym bag (and they taste really good, too!) But when it comes to value, it’s hard to beat our low carb protein powder. Our 2.4 pound container provides 22 servings, and our 4 pound provides 35 servings.
  4. Tastes Better - Thanks! It’s what we work on the hardest, because we know that if it doesn’t taste good then people are going to cheat a lot more, cracking open sodas and stopping by for whipped cream-topped Starbucks on the way home.

“This is the best tasting protein powder I've found.”

Thanks! And you’re welcome.

“it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake”

You know it!

“The taste is wonderful”

Oh Yeah!

“It doesn't have the nasty after taste like some protein drinks have.”

Alright, enough already, we get it, they taste good!

“I also mix it in cottage cheese with a little skim milk”

Whoa! Just...whoa! That sounds strangely awesome, and we’d try it if we were brave enough. After all, the health benefits of cottage cheese are widely known, but to mix it with chocolate milkshake flavor? We salute you, sir or madam!

We truly believe that our Total Protein System is the most cost-effective, tastiest and best protein powder around. Want to try it today? Drop it in your cart now!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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