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You Ask For It, We Answered: The One Bar Variety Pack!

If you’re at the store that carries OhYeah! protein bars, you might be able to grab singles of our One Bars, Victory Bars, or our Original Bars. But we know why you’re here on the site: you’re looking to get the best deal on the best protein bars around (in bulk, no less) without having to head to the store every time you need to replenish your stock.

But when you buy directly from us, you don’t have the opportunity to mix and match bar for bar. So with our One Bar, we’ve created the next best thing: the One Bar Variety Pack! People have been asking for a mix-and-match, and we’re here to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting with our variety pack.

Here are the reasons people have been hoping we’d come up with a variety pack:

“Honestly, I get tired of the same flavor every day” — We understand. We love almonds, but we don’t necessarily want plain almonds every day. Sometimes we want salted, sometimes wasabi, sometimes cocoa. So as good as our power bars are at providing a high-protein, low-carb snack, we understand if you don’t want the same flavor every day. That’s what makes our One Bar variety pack such a good option. You’ll get three peanut butter pie flavor, three chocolate chip cookie dough flavor, three white chocolate raspberry flavor, and three of our newest flavor that’s flying off the shelf, birthday cake!

“I don’t have a favorite” — Some people have tried all of our flavors and still don’t have a favorite. They might love all four flavors in the box but are perfectly happy to switch it up. And even if they haven’t tried them all, they’ll try something new. Speaking of which...

“I want to try birthday cake!” — Birthday Cake is our newest flavor, and currently it’s only available in the One Bar. People might not want to buy a case of it until they try it, and this variety pack makes an excellent opportunity to try our newest flavor.

“I want to share” — You know, there are products out there that we all find at one time or another and we just want to tell everyone we know about them. If you’re trying to explain to your friends just why you’re such big fans of OhYeah! One Bars, what better way to get them to switch over to our protein bars than to have them pick out the flavor they want?

“We had a birthday at the gym” — Here’s one we didn’t see coming. Someone was part of a very close-knit exercise group at the gym, so close that they celebrated each other’s birthdays. So, when the entire point of your group is that you’re trying to eat healthy, you don’t bring in an ice cream cake! One Bars are a great way to treat everyone in the group while still eating healthy. Plus, the variety pack lets everyone get the flavor of protein bar that they want.

We heard you, world. You wanted variety, and now you have it! Grab a twelve pack of our most popular flavors and get the right flavor for every day of the week. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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August 18, 2016

your ‘Grab a twelve pack’ link gets a 404 page not found.


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