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The Best Protein Bar? The Best Protein Shake? The Best Protein Powder? Here’s When You Need Them

Here at OhYeah! we offer three main products: protein bars, protein shakes, and protein powders, with some workout multivitamins thrown in for good measure. Some people ask “you make the best protein bar, what’s the need for shakes and powders?” Obviously, these people have a very specific way that they like to get their protein. But we’ve got something for every type of person so that they can get their protein just the way they want it.

Why a bar?: Some people just feel that protein should be eaten. They think “meat, beans, cheese...from these chewable foods I will gain my power!” (They also talk like He-Man for some reason). But they forget that milk is another great source of protein, and that certainly gets drunk.

We can’t deny it though, that our protein bars are certainly the most portable. There’s no prep like with a powder and no chance of it spilling on your seat during your commute.

Why a Shake?: Some of us, when we go for dessert, want to go out for a slice of pie...those are the protein bar people. Others of us want to head to Sonic to pick up a milkshake. For those of you who enjoy a cool drink over something solid, the shakes are great. Plus they’re premade, so you know you’re getting the right mixture every time and are sealed so that you’re less likely to have one spill before you get to it.

Why a powder? Powder is where the bargain is. It’s also perfect when you just want to make just a little or want to make a double batch. And let’s be honest, when you use a powder, people really think you know what you’re doing!

Sometimes it’s the situation, sometimes it’s just preference. No matter what part of the day you're at or your location, we’ve got what you need in protein delivery systems. Find your favorites right here and pick your flavor!



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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