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3 Reasons To Supplement Your Protein Intake With OhYeah! Low Carb Protein Bars Instead of Meat

If you’re on our site, you know the importance of protein. But while a high-protein diet can be very important when you’re working out, there can be disadvantages to it if you’re not getting your protein from the right sources. Both meat and OhYeah! bars are low-carb, but here are three reasons why you might choose an OhYeah! low-carb protein bar instead of constantly chowing down on meat.

Watch the Saturated Fat: When you’re loading up on most meats out there, you’re often getting quite a bit of saturated fat. While your body certainly needs fat in order to work, it’s better to keep a handle on it by knowing exactly how much you’re taking in. If you want to keep the saturated fat down in our diet, try our Victory Bar, which has just 8% of your saturated fat for the day. And speaking of the Victory Bars…

Meat Doesn’t Have Fiber: There’s no fiber in meat. Like none, zero, zip, zilch. Nada. No fiber. It doesn’t matter how much fiber and roughage a cow, pig, or sheep eats, that fiber doesn’t show up in the meat. Now Victory Bars, on the other hand, are our king of fiber, delivering around 68% of what you need for the day. Our One Bars aren’t slacking either, because they’ve got around 40%.

Watch For Nitrites: There’s more and more evidence that it’s not the meat that’s bad for you, but the presence of nitrites that are used to preserve it. So while that piece of jerky might be a good low-fat snack, the preservation process might be putting stuff into your body you’d rather not have.

So while there’s nothing wrong with the occasional burger, you’ll want to find a healthier way of supplementing (and snacking) when you need a great amount of protein. Grab an OhYeah! low carb protein bar and get moving!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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