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Advantages Of The High Protein Diet You Can Get With Our Power Bars

As of this writing, if you go to Google and type in “advantages of a high” it autocompletes to “protein diet.” Apparently lots of people are interested in how getting lots of protein in your diet can be beneficial to the health of a human body.

We’re big on exercise and we’re big on protein, so we think it’s important that everyone knows the advantages you can get in our protein bars like the One Bar, Victory Bar, and our Original OhYeah! bars.

(A quick side note: we’re talking about the advantages that protein can have in your body, but we’re not talking about diet plans like Atkins where you replace nearly all of your intake with protein. As usual, talk to your doctor before you start any diet plan).

Here are the biggest advantages of protein in your diet:

It Helps Reduce Your Hunger: Along with fiber, protein is excellent at quelling hunger. It’s great at doing this because it fills you up with fewer calories, so simply reducing your amount of carbs and replacing them with protein can help you feel fuller for longer. This isn’t only true at meals, either: it can also help curb the desire for late-night snacking.

The Fat Burning: It turns out that protein doesn't just help prevent you from putting excess food into your body...it also helps to burn what’s already there. It can boost your metabolism and boost the thermic effect, helping your body burn calories.

The Power: Muscles are built on protein, and the protein your muscles need have to get into your body somehow. If you’re in a particularly intense workout and your muscles are trying build more muscles but have no protein to use, it’s just not going to happen. Having the protein at the ready allows you body to have what it needs to help you get leaner and stronger.

Repair those muscles: So, we know that protein is needed to build muscles. If you’re working out and you pull a muscle, what do you think is needed to help repair it? We’ll give you a hint...it rhymes with “zrotein.”

It Can Help You Keep the Weight Off: Sure, losing weight is one thing. Keeping it off is something else entirely. Increasing the amount of protein you consume can help you keep the weight off by changing your eating habits while it helps keep you balanced on the inside.

See? Protein is amazing! So should you only eat protein? Absolutely not, and there are dangers of switching your entire diet to only include protein. Remember, our bodies need fats and sugars in order to work, and it’s good to eat a balanced diet and so that you can get the vitamins and minerals you need. But when you need a quick boost of protein that tastes great, you’re not going to be able to beat the power bar flavors we have here at OhYeah! You’ll love them all!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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