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Only In the OhYeah! One Bar: Birthday Cake!

Have you ever wanted to keep birthday cake in your back pocket? Wait, don’t answer that. What we mean to say is, we all love (or at the very least “very much like”) the flavor of birthday cake, but if you bring in a plate of birthday cake to the gym, people are going to look at you funny.

That’s why we have the amazing Birthday Cake flavored One Bar! We know we’ve got a winner on our hands, and we want to tell you why it’s so good for you body as well as your taste buds.

The Great Taste: Let’s get one thing straight...OhYeah! Birthday Cake protein bars taste good! That’s why they’re one of out top sellers, and why people keep coming back again to buy box after box and case after case. Imagine the yummy taste of birthday cake, but then take out most of the air and turn it into a birthday cake brownie! (And can we all be honest here: thick brownies are so much better than cake.)

One Gram Of Sugar: If you’re on a low sugar diet, or simply want to avoid any extra sugar that can disrupt what you’re trying to get out of your workout, the OhYeah! One Bar is the best healthy protein bar you’re going to find.

Look At That Fiber!: We like to brag about the amount of fiber in many of our OhYeah! protein bars, and the One Bar is no different. Fiber is amazing in that it can help many different parts of your body at once, and it perfectly complements a workout. Of course, it’s good for your bowels and intestines, reducing the risk of a number of cancers. But it’s also great for your heart, helping many people lower their cholesterol and the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Oh, and of course it’s also a protein bar with 21 grams of protein in it! Can it get any better? Not until we find a way to package candles with it. Until then, grab a box and start pounding the protein!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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