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What Our Goal Is...And Isn’t...In A High Protein / Low Carb Snack

Here at OhYeah! we spend a lot of time on every aspect of our energy bar. And when it comes to high protein / low carb snacks, there’s are some things we won’t compromise on.

We Want To Offer Variety - We’re all looking for something a little different in a workout bar, depending on the diet we’re on or what we’re burning during a workout. That’s why we have the One Bar for those who want just one gram of sugar. Then there’s the Victory Bar, high in fiber but low in carbs. All in all, we want to offer something for everyone.

We Don’t Want To Just Be “Tolerated” - Our goal isn’t “what’s the worst thing that athletes can stand to eat,” which is where most protein bars start and then add some taste. Our goal is “we want to make these as tasty as they can possibly be, because if they don’t taste good then no one will want to use them as an excellent workout supplement.”

We Want It To Deliver (and Do!) - What’s an protein bar if it doesn’t have a bunch of great nutritional value? It’s just a candy bar. That’s why we deliver the type of protein that your body can use right away, the type of fiber that’s good for you heart and your intestines, and why we leave out stuff like sugar and carbs.

OhYeah! protein Bars offer the best in high protein / low carb snacks, because we want something that absolutely everyone, whether they’re an athlete or someone just looking to fill up before lunch, can enjoy. We’re not ashamed...OhYeah! is trying to be all things to all snackers!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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