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The Best Protein Shake? We’ll Let Some Random Guy Be The Judge of That!

At OhYeah!, we believe that we make the best protein shakes available. But there’s also no doubt that we’re biased...after all, it’s our company! There’s no doubt that we’re going to recommend it to people seeking a low carb protein powder.

But would other people recommend it? Do our protein shakes really taste as good as we think they do? Of course we’re constantly taste testing them in the lab, and we’re bringing in athletes to see exactly how well we’ve done with the taste.

But what happens when you give them to an average person? What do we hear from someone who hasn’t tried a dozen different kinds of protein shakes? Let’s hear from Steve B., average joe, who’s just trying one for the first time. (We gave him the Cookies and Creme flavor of the Total Mass System, by the way, and had him get back to us via email.)

  • “I ate like an idiot this weekend — pizza, gyros, reuben sandwiches, chips, more pizza, coconut-fried rice — there really wasn’t a meal where I had something healthy. Now that it’s Monday, I really need something for me that’s going to fill me up without too much fat. Because right now I can feel the fat running through my veins.”
  • “I had sugary oatmeal for breakfast, which is good and bad. It’s good to have something like this protein powder that isn’t jumping off the charts with sugar.”
  • “I put some ice in a shakeable cup and added water. Really glad I didn’t have to add milk to it. It’s creamy enough on its own, and my age-related lactose intolerance has been rearing its head more and more, so it’s good that it didn’t require milk to still keep the good taste.”
  • “I’ll be honest, I don’t pay much attention to carbs, so it’s a good thing that someone does with [a low carb protein powder] like this. When I look at a label I usually go to the fiber section first, and it’s always good to see any fiber at all in a liquid.”
  • “Protein! Like I said, I had oatmeal for breakfast, and as I take a look at it’s box I can tell you that it has 3 grams of protein. (Not much, but better than most cereal.) I’m the kind of guy who thinks that the best way to get protein at work is jerky or a Snickers bar, so it’s good be be able to fill up with less meat and fat (and fewer nitrates).
  • “Is it the best tasting protein powder? I’ve had so few I can’t really tell you, but I can tell you that it really does taste good and is hard to tell that’s it’s not a melted Sonic shake. It’s tasty, so good job, scientists!”

Thanks, Mr. Steve B. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed it, and hope you eat healthier next weekend. Maybe try our high protein / low carb snacks instead of the potato chips next time!

We’ll be sending Steve some more products in the future to see how he responds. Until then, take Steve’s advice and go buy some Total Mass System Cookies and Creme!

Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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