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How To Find The Best Nutrition Bars For You

Here at OhYeah!, we have an incredible variety of protein bars and flavors to satisfy every want and need when you’re working out (or when you’re just needing a snack). But how do you decide which OhYeah! protein bar is right for you? Read on to find out which one works best for your needs.

“I need less sugar.” For those seeking a low sugar protein bar, nothing beats OhYeah! One Bars for taste. The “one” in One Bar means one gram of sugar in the entire bar, meaning that you can keep your blood sugar spikes down while still getting the protein you need during a workout.

“I need more fiber.” Who doesn’t? With only 8% of Americans getting the recommended amount of fiber in their diet, you’re not alone if you need more fiber. Fiber is great not only for your gastrointestinal tract but also for heart health. If you’re looking for a great-tasting, high-fiber protein bar try either our One Bars or Victory Bars. One Bars, already low in sugar, have about 40% of your recommended daily fiber, and Victory Bars have a whopping 68% of the fiber most people need in a day.

“I need fewer carbohydrates.” If you’re looking for a low carb protein bar, the One Bar is what you’re looking for. While none of our protein bars are exactly carb heavy, the One Bar wins when it comes to being both low carb and low sugar. You’ll find that our One Bars deliver between 2 and 3 net carbs. It makes the ultimate high protein / low carb snack.

“I need to feel like I’m cheating.” There’s a reason that so many diet plans suggest a “cheat day.” If you don’t have something to look forward to, there isn’t much chance you’ll stick with your diet for long at all. But one trick is to “cheat” without actually cheating, and that’s where the Good Grab bars come in. It’s our Original Bar in a portion-control size, so that you can get 15 grams of protein while not overloading on sugar. For comparison, if you wanted 15 grams of protein from eating a Snickers candy bar (which has protein because of the nuts), you’d have to eat five full-size bars, and you’d be consuming over 6 times the amount of saturated fat!

“I need something that tastes good.” Here’s another thing that makes OhYeah! the best nutrition bars...they all taste great! We’ve tasted all of our competition’s power bar offerings and realized that, quite frankly, they tasted bad. Workouts are hard enough without having to stomach a protein bar that tastes bad. By offering a protein bar that actually tastes good we’re able to ensure that people get something healthy into their bodies instead of resorting to other snacks that aren’t nearly as good for them. If you twist our arm to an force us to tell you which tastes best, it would probably be the OhYeah! Original Bar. It’s a great way to get 25+ grams of protein while providing significant calories to fuel your muscles.

No matter what you’re needing for your workout or for your daily snack, OhYeah! provides the protein bars that will help you no matter what your diet needs. Grab our nutrition bars for your life!


Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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