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How Our One Bars Became The Best Low Sugar Protein Bars

It’s no surprise: most Americans get too much sugar in their diets. And it’s not just people adding sugar to their tea or guzzling soda all day. Sugar is hiding just about everywhere, from bread to ketchup to seemingly savory salad dressings.

When you need to do everything you can to keep sugar out of your body, OhYeah!’s One Bars are the way to go. They’re the low sugar protein bars that taste great while keeping the sugar low. How low?

One Gram Of Sugar: How did we keep the sugar so low in this protein bar? Science! That’s where OhYeah! excels, giving you the best tasting protein bars without overloading them with dozens of chemicals.

High In Protein: Of course, when you’re looking for a high protein / low carb snack, protein bars like the One Bar are a great way to go. Each bar has 22 grams of protein, which gives you the protein you need throughout the day, whether you’re working out or just needing to get through the morning at work in one piece.

High In Fiber - If Americans are getting too much sugar, fiber is on the other end of the scale; we just don’t get enough. When people think fiber they often think about how it helps with intestinal health, but it’s also an important factor in helping your heart stay healthy. Our One Bars are the best nutrition bars because they have between 38-40% of your daily recommended fiber.

We have no trouble making the claim that One Bars are the best protein bar out there. Read the nutritional information found here, then find your favorite flavor...we’ve got eight amazing flavors to choose from.



Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett


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